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What a Tutor can do for your child

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential that your child has high grades throughout his or her academic life, in order to have a successful future. Unfortunately, many students get frustrated by difficult courses and tend to give up. This is where a tutor can help. A tutor provides individual lessons, so that any issues with course material are dealt with before they lead to poor grades.

Math Tutors

No matter what grade your child is in, a math tutor can contribute greatly to your child’s self-confidence and performance in school.

In elementary school, a math tutor will help your child understand major concepts and reinforce basic skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, geometry, graphing etc.

Many high school students find themselves overwhelmed by higher level math courses because they don’t remember basic skills. Higher math courses include many advanced concepts which students find difficult to master on their own. A tutor can help by explaining these concepts and showing your child steps to tackle difficult problems.

Math Tutors for Grades 8-12 will offer more specialized tutoring and include intensive Provincial Preparation for Grade 10 & 12 students, as well as thorough review of all course material throughout the year.

Chemistry Tutors

Chemistry is one of those subjects which require you to learn many new concepts in a short period of time. It can be daunting for many students and this is where a tutor can help. A Chemistry Tutor can help your child sort through the material and practice problems until he or she  feels confident.

Biology Tutors

The intricate workings of the human body [Bio 12] and the complex classification of living things [Bio 11] can overwhelm even the best students. A biology tutor can help your child navigate the contents of Bio 11&12, and help with test taking skills.

English Tutors

Superb reading comprehension and writing skills, as well as good analytical skills are what separate the best from everyone else. An English tutor can help your child excel. The tutor will teach your child various writing techniques, as well as how to analyze passages for reading comprehension.


A tutor does more than just help improve your child’s grades. Tutors also help your child build self-confidence and develop life-long learning skills.

For more information about what our English, Science and Math Tutors can do for you please call us at 604-831-2560 or email us at


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